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Who has the highest turnover among the Italian wine giants

Who has the highest turnover among the Italian wine giants

An overall turnover of 6.5 billion (up 6.29%), 158 thousand hectares of owned or rented vineyards, over 2 billion bottles and 12 thousand employees. These are the figures for the largest Italian winegrowing companies in Italy, according to Anna Di Martino’s 2018 Classification.

The ranking of Italian wine giants (published on only considers wineries with turnovers over 10 million, based on the accounts for 2018. This year, 105 wine businesses were included: together they make up 46.5% of the whole sector’s turnover (up 2% compared to 2017) and 62.6% of total exports (up 1%). Most of them are private companies (62), but there are also several important cooperatives, which are particularly strong in Italy: these make up 43.8% of the overall turnover in the ranking, a figure that rises to 54.19% when taking into account just the domestic market.

A motley group of companies

Even within the classification, dimensions vary greatly. “There are only 21 wineries that can boast revenues exceeding 100 million (2 more than in 2017), 18 with a turnover between 100 and 50 million, 20 ranging between 50 and 30 million, while another 46 make up the segment between 30 and 10 million,” explains Anna Di Martino. “The two new entries in the over-100-million band, are the Vi.v.o Cantine group (the Cooperative Consortium of eastern Veneto Vinegrowers), based in Salgareda (Treviso), which saw an increase of almost 20% on last year’s accounts, the highest of the 21 big wineries, and the Lunelli Group, which also owns two leading sparkling winemaking estates: Ferrari, the famous Trentodoc maison, and Bisol, the flagship Prosecco superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene producer.”

21 Wineries exceed a turnover of 100 million

#1 Cantine Riunite & CIV 615.3 million euros (and Gruppo Italiano Vini: 388 million euros)

#2 Gruppo Caviro 235.8 million euros

#3 Fratelli Martini 220 million euros

#4 Marchesi Antinori 213.6 million euros

#5 Zonin 1821 202 million euros

#6 Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C. 195 million euros

#7 Cavit 190.5 million euros

#8 Gruppo Mezzacorona 188.2 million euros

#9 Enoitalia 181.8 million euros

#10 Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo 177.4 million euros

#11 Italian Wine Brands 149.9 million euros

#12 Cantina di Soave 141 million euros

#13 La Marca Vini e Spumanti 140.2 million euros

#14 Terre Cevico 131.2 million euros

#15 Marchesi Frescobaldi 119.5 million euros

#16 Collis Veneto Wine Group 119 million euros

#17 Ruffino 110.1 million euros

#18 Mondodelvino Group 108,5 million euros

#19 Schenk Italian Wineries 102.8 million euros

#20 Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine 101.9 million euros

#21 Gruppo Lunelli 101.1 million euros

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