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Welcome Italian Wine Chronicle readers. And welcome Italian Wine Chronicle!
In this very rich first edition, we will be giving you some idea of how we intend to keep you up-to-date. The Best of the Wine Guides, for example, is a trade mark of our way of working. We don’t give a subjective verdict on Italian wines, but we suggest a systematic comparison between the main wine guides published in Italy in 2015. Therefore you can find out which wines all the guides agreed on, only two this year, as well as those that have lost ratings of excellence along the way.

You can get an idea of the loves and hates of the Italian wine critics and draw your own conclusions. Or take the example of the article on Barolo Super Crus: while the Italian law admits 181 “additional geographical mentions” for Barolo, thanks to the knowledge of one of the leading Italian experts, we stop to reflect and point out the “real” Barolo Grands Crus, those recognised by fame and price in the world. All of this is embellished by our new graphics, which naturally are inspired by the style of Civiltà del bere. We hope therefore that you will find Italian Wine Chronicle a useful and pleasant read, and a way of keeping up-to-date about Italian wine, from the inside.

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Index IWC #1 2015

Editorial. By Alessandro Torcoli A new window on Italy

Monograph: Best Italian Wine 2015

Barolo Super Crus

Age-worthy wines you wouldn’t expect

Carema. Barolo from the mountains

Nero di Troia

  • A variety in search of an identity
  • Ten wines to taste

At Château d’Yquem there is a piece of Italy

The Best of the Wine Guides 2015

  • Sassicaia and Ben Ryé outstanding top scores (and the other 554 wines)
  • The 4 Champions: best red, white, sparkling and sweet white wines
  • Regional distribution
  • The 8 Guides examined
  • The 1.562 wines rated by just one pubblication
  • Wines of excellence from 2001 to today
  • The two top wineries for all the guides (and the other 574)
  • The 631 wineries ratedby just wine pubblication
  • The 139 steadfast champions through time
  • Masters of excellence


  • The (not so) commonplace. I can’t stand blind tastings (Cesare Pillon)
  • Diary of a student. Quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus (Alessandro Torcoli)
  • Upwind. Prosecco Wave Should we ride it or take cover? (Luciano Ferraro)