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Here we are for the second issue of our magazine dedicated to Italian wine enthusiasts all over the world. Our main aim is to inform you about the continual changes in vinegrowing and winemaking, in a typical European tension between the traditions of our prestigious production areas and the drive of innovation. In this issue you can find out how viticultural science is evolving, for example, in search of new clones that can give better and healthier wines, but have come up against bureaucratic hurdles.

We think our regional dossiers will be important, and hopefully useful, to you. They are an important part of the 40-year history of Civiltà del bere in Italy. It’s Tuscany’s turn, with updates and useful information to help you understand how one of Italy’s main winemaking regions is changing, also thanks to unusual choices such as the Gran Selezione, whose origin and aims we will attempt to explain here.

And from central Italy we have a remarkable tasting of Verdicchio, in its most important version of Castelli di Jesi Riserva DOCG: we tasted 16 of them and you can read our detailed comments. Among our other “stories” are the journey to the extraordinary Barolo cru of Cerequio, and the meeting with the man who invented Amarone… And then there’s art, science and, to cap it, The Best of the Italian Restaurant Guides, i.e. the league table of the best Italian restaurants according to the national food guides.

Enjoy your trip.

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Index IWC #2 2015

Editorial. By Alessandro Torcoli A changing Italy

Monograph: The Best Verdicchio Riserva

Focus on Tuscany

  • Two New Appellations and the Gran Selezione

The weather is changing. Riesling and Pinot noir on the rise

Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Classico Riserva Docg

  • From an early-drinking amphora to a white with personality
  • Sixteen wines to taste

Evolution: a changing curve

The heritage of wine

Vinitaly International Academy. Our first 26 ambassadors

Barolo Cerequio one for all, all for one

20 years of Luce

The Barolo winemaker who invented Amarone

Neuromarketing. The emotions that make us love a label

Canopy thinning is good for Sangiovese

The Best of the Restaurant Guides 2015

  • Bottura, Alajmo and Beck stay on the podium (and the other 197 chefs)
  • The 5 Guides examined


  • Against the wind. The super-varieties defeat diseases but succumb to bureaucracy (Luciano Ferraro)
  • (Non) Clichés. Nostalgia for tradition? We can learn something from the case of Chianti (Cesare Pillon)
  • Auction. Barolo takes on Brunello (Aldo Fiordelli)