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The best italian restaurant and other myths. Read the new issue!

The best italian restaurant and other myths. Read the new issue!

We’ve finally done it: an Italian has won first place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards and it is Massimo Bottura, chef and owner of the Osteria Francescana in Modena. In the new issue of Italian Wine Chronicle magazine (buy it now!) you can see that Bottura is already wellknown as the best italian restaurant.

The best italian restaurant

Massimo Bottura has been the best of Italy for several years, in first place in our Best of the Restaurant Guides which considers the scores of the five main guides published in our country and creates a supper classification… Scrolling down our pages, you can find out which 676 restaurants are not to be missed and we hope you will try some if you visit Italy.


The new issue

Other wine stories

Our magazine is on food culture, but also and above all on wine. The menu of this issue is rich in other stories, about vineyards. It is always exciting, for example, to remember the role of the Mastroberardino family in Campania, and to visit Pompeii with Piero, following the stages of his experimental project beneath Vesuvius. In the Veneto region, on the other hand, we can take stock of the studies carried out by “Mr. Amarone”, Sandro Boscaini from Masi, on vinegrowing and winemaking techniques linked to drying grapes. Moreover, we would like to inform you of the creation of the Friuli DOC: after years of internal discussions, the producers in the northeast are finally in agreement.

In memory of Giacomo Tachis

This issue is coming out in memory of Giacomo Tachis. On 6th February the most famous Italian winemaker passed away, he was the creator of Sassicaia and dozens of other masterpieces. We are dedicating the opening article to him, while paying homage to the most senior of Italian wine journalists, Cesare Pillon, and a retrospective of the fascinating wines created by his genius.

Read the new issue: buy Italian Wine Chronicle #2 2016

Index IWC #2 2016

Editorial. By Alessandro Torcoli In memory of Tachis and Bottura’s record

Monograph: Giacomo Tachis

  • The biography of the great winemaker
  • His wines from Sassicaia to Barrua

Friuli DOC
The new designation is coming

Piero Mastroberardino
From Taurasi to Pompeii on the wings of a dream

28th Masi Seminar
Grapes and drying: it’s all in the detail

The Best of the Restaurant Guides 2016

  • On the podium Bottura, Alajmo and Beck
  • The five judges
  • The 80 new entries
  • The best, region by region
  • The numbers of the guides
  • Gourmet stopovers in every province
  • The addresses


(Non) Clichés. The era of the “Bible” Guides is over (Cesare Pillon)

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